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The K'Luxe Scholarship​


When I created K'Luxe, it was about representation in the beauty industry, and though it still is, I've felt like there was a piece to the business missing. Then, it hit me. I have been in pursuit of a deeper goal — to create community. I want to interact with my customers, receive feedback from them, and most importantly, give back to them. For a while, I’ve been thinking of socially-driven ideas that would make sense for the business. Even though I know that the social aspect of the business doesn’t have to be directly related to the company, I want mine to. I’ve decided to apply for grants and set aside a percentage of earnings to fund a scholarship, and I’m hoping to award one or two scholarships in spring 2021 to a woman of color in the business field or in cosmetology school. I would be doing K’Luxe, myself, and other women a disservice if I didn’t aim to serve as a positive role model not only at home, but in the Black community.

The Black community often falls victim to negative stereotypes, especially those associated with our women — from video vixens to loud, uneducated single mothers. But I want to be a role model to the little girls I know and those I don’t, show them that you can come from any background and do anything — from graduating from college with two degrees to starting a business or helping others (or all three). It’s possible because I did it. Whether it be a push in the form of a scholarship or a simple conversation, as the face of K’Luxe, I want those girls to know that I’m there.

In beauty and business, 

Kyla Wright

CEO & Founder, The K'Luxe Experience

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