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K'Luxe Story 

The K'Luxe Experience, LLC was founded by Kyla Wright. The name, stemming from the 'K' in her name and Luxury, Kyla created the K'Luxe Experience to show that big or small, beauty should be an experience. The K'Luxe Experience is a cruelty-free, and vegan cosmetic brand that provides highly-pigmented and quality lip products for women – no matter the shade.


As an undergraduate journalism student, Kyla had many on-camera appearances. Though she didn't always come with a beat face, Kyla always made sure she wore a poppin' lip or lash to enhance her beauty just a little more. With a desire to always own something of her own, in the Summer of 2019, Kyla decided to have this reoccurring dream come into fruition. 

Beyond being an on-air personality, Kyla is a writer at heart. Always writing about lifestyles, Kyla knows that the topic goes hand-in-hand with beauty: Kyla figured this was the perfect time to embrace the beauty field, spread her wings and fly. While some may ask why, Kyla asks, "why not?" 

With her 3 principles being, "Beauty, Business, Boss," Kyla is a firm believer that there's room at the top for all girl bosses, which is why she transformed K'Luxe from a revenue-seeking business to a socially-conscious one, creating the K'Luxe Scholarship felt right. Learn more about the scholarship, here. 

Welcome to KLuxe: not just a brand, but an experience. 

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